Where is your child's Self Esteem? | Side Kicks Family Karate

Where is your child’s Self Esteem?

Children are born and quickly form their identity early in life! As parents we all want our children to be confident and have lots of positive self esteem, but how do we know if your child has it?

Children are a product of their surroundings and they are ALWAYS on record. Their playback is what they learn from the experiences they have in life! So as a mom and dad it is important to make sure your child is in a positive environment that helps paint the right picture for them so they learn the necessary tools to live a happy life.

There are 4 areas you as a parent want to pay attention to:

1: How does your Child See themselves? What is their self-talk?

2: What kind of body language does your child have? Especially in pressure situations

3: Do they hold their head up and smile when talking or look nervous and shy

4: How does your child feel about themselves when they stand? Do they stand  tall and walk proud?

Self confident boy with raised fists celebrating a recent success or victory.

Paying close attention to these areas can give you a good indication on where your child is. When we perceive ourselves in a positive way our behaviors will reflect this!

I am smart

I am strong

I am confident

I am capable

I am … fill in the blank!

Helping your child to make better choices and living a stronger, more positive impact on their life!

I hope this gives you more clarity on how to shape your child’s image and to give them the edge they need to have the Yes I Can attitude to be their BEST!

Any questions feel free to reach out.


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