What to do with a child with low- Esteem? | Side Kicks Family Karate

What to do with a child with low- Esteem?

Hello Parents… Does your child have low self esteem? Do you always seem to see your child hide or seem nervous in group settings? It can be heartbreaking to witness as a parent. We all love our children but how do we help them grow self-confidence in them selves?

Public speaking is the #1 Fear in the world.

At Side Kicks Karate we help Shy kids grow belief and confidence. the importance of SELF worth and how to develop the YES I CAN ATTITUDE…

We have created a simple but effective Methodology that teaches kids how to become more confident by fusing martial arts and leadership as a part of our program to help kids to:

  • Stand Tall
  • Talk Confidently
  • Have Good Eye Contact

AND this is just the beginning, @ Side Kicks we give students the skills to improve socially and emotionally to be able to lead and feel great about themselves. If you are interested in checking out our program risk free click the link to register for a free trial. FREE TRIAL

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