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What Is The New Normal

Life is crazy right now! Parents and guardians scramble to make sense of everything going on in the world and the recent closures of schools and businesses are widespread and have led to major disruptions in the daily routines of many families. Parents and children are trying to adjust to the new culture in today’s society.

Kids are doing their schooling at home and parents are now trying to balance everything from working from home to life with out connecting with friends and family members to with their NEW role as teacher to their children. To cope, it’s important for families ADJUST and implement some daily routines that can make life a little easier. Stay on a schedule and don’t feel that everything needs to be done.

Motivational Message from Spiderman

Take the time to breath. Don’t stress over your child’s school work. Kids are Resilient. Get your kids involved in cooking and turn it into a game. In the end this is a great time for family bonding and to show your kids to have the YES I CAN ATTITUDE.

You are your child’s biggest influence and they are looking for you to hold it together. What you show them during this pandemic will go a long way in the growth and character they build for the future.

Don’t forget YES I CAN, YOU got this!

We #Believe In You,
Sensei Seetge


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