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As a Martial Arts student, you learn some very important lessons. One of these lessons is that there is greater strength in developing unity with those around you than there is in trusting everything to yourself. The good Martial Artist knows that it is better to work with a fellow student than against that student, and the shared victory is ultimately a greater victory than the victory of one person’s vanity over the honest efforts of others. It is very easy to break a pencil in half. Breaking ten pencils in half is an altogether different matter.

Be Polite: Always be polite to your fellow students. The reason why you bow (a) to the flag, (b) before and after sparring and (c) to your instructor is to show respect. When you are impolite to others, you show disrespect not only to those students but to your Martial Arts community. It demonstrates greater learning when you behave in a disciplined manner.

Show Good Sportsmanship: Learning also means being a good sport. Nobody likes to perform badly, or feel beaten when sparring. Nevertheless, every experience is a learning experience. Keep control of your temper and your actions. Sometimes students lose sight of the fact that sparring is only an exercise, and approach it as if it is a real fight. You know better than this, and you should be able to demonstrate it. Good sportsmanship is fundamental.

Work with other students: For example, if you are sparring with another student who is not as experienced as you are, do not try to show the other person up. Nothing is gained by this behavior. Try instead to work with that person so that the exercise can help develop both of your skills. Often you will be surprised at some of the things that you can learn from a less experienced student: everybody has their different strengths and weaknesses. Try to put yourself in his or her place. Imagine if your instructor, in order to demonstrate something, asked you to spar with him or her, and proceeded to do nothing but demonstrate his or her superior Martial Arts ability in front of the other students. Do you think you would benefit much from the experience?

  Ask for help: A lot of students are afraid to ask a question for fear that it will sound stupid, or they will appear to be less advanced that their peers. Such behavior is only counter-productive. When you do not ask for help, or you pretend to understand something that you do not, you put yourself at risk of falling even farther behind. When the time comes for you to demonstrate what you have learned, all of your confusion will be evident, and you may be more embarrassed than you would have been initially. There is no embarrassment in asking for help. Often questions which you may think sound foolish are shared by many other students, and can have profound consequences. The Martial Arts is a very precise art. Like any other disciplined art form, the nuances need to be constantly studied and repeated. When you ask questions you demonstrate your interest and respect for it.

  The dojo is a place where a team of students work together to perfect a discipline. Everything depends upon that. Concern yourself with the process of learning that is going on; think about how to work with the other students so that the whole class can progress. How you behave is important. Remember that you are all learning together.

Becoming a Black Belt Martial Artist is learning how to develop yourself to your true potential. Following are some tips for keeping your self in-check:

Fear no opponent. Respect every opponent.

Remember it’s the perfection of the smallest details that make bigger things happen.

Keep in mind that hustle makes up for any mistake.

Be more interested in character than reputation

 Be quick, but don’t hurry.

 Understand that the harder you work, the more “luck” you will have.

 Know that valid self-analysis is crucial for improvement.

 Remember that there is no substitute for hard work and careful planning. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


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