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The Secret Why Martial Arts Helps Kids

As parents, you want what’s absolute best for your kids and you are looking for a physically active child that is confident. A child with manners with good behaviors. Moms and Dads are hoping for a good student in school that is mentally sharp. While making good choices and solid characteristics of a person with integrity. Follow along as we take you through the reason why our Side Kicks System helps kids to be strong leaders.

Character Development is the key!

Our program is designed to take your child on a journey to becoming a black belt in all areas of their life not just by teaching them how to punch and kick, but to help them grow as a stronger person inside and out. We use the martial arts for many different lessons, but the most powerful is to install 6 different character traits we call life skills that are our bedrock to our program. Every class our students go through our specialized curriculum of leadership training to help them to grow stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

Where we are different is we are not just a martial arts school, we have combined three important elements to help kids to have the tools they need to navigate life with a strong foundation built on character and confidence it will really make a big difference in their life moving forward.

The elements are so simple but when put together they have life changing positive effects on a child almost like a shield or super power protecting them guiding them the rest of their life!

Over the last 20 plus years we have created a program that is not taught anywhere else in the world! Combining these Three different Elements together in one program really gives kids an advantage in life.

Helping them to focus more at school and at home. Building a positive attitude to overcome challenges and obstacles. Helping them to believe in themselves. It shows them their worth and what they are capable of in life, and so much more!!!

This is really the bread and butter to our program but it will not happen overnight. If you are like the other parents we talk to every day, I am sure you can see how this could be a game changer for your child. Our goal is to help every child to be their best and to live a life worth living.

We invite you and your child to come in and see how our unique program has helped so many kids! Register for your child’s Free 1-Week Trial @

If you have any questions feel free to call/text us @ (315) 339-3928. We are here to help kids to grow strong.

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