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The Power of Optimism

Optimism means seeing the good or hopeful aspects about a situation. It is the power of the mind to think positively, especially when conditions are difficult. An optimist is a person who looks for good in things and is certain that good things will happen. Being optimistic is a powerful way to help you accomplish goals and live a happy and healthy life.  Optimists have positive attitudes, but that does not mean they simply go around trying to be happy all of the time. Optimists are hopeful about their skills and abilities. Optimists try their best in sports, school, and work. They understand that if they remain hopeful and apply their very best, then they will reap the benefits.  Optimistic people also try to find something positive in the face of hardship or tragedy. It is often difficult to find good in the face of something bad, but how you react can drastically affect the outcome. Even if the positive thing gained out of a tragedy is simply a good attitude or personal strength, optimism enables you to remain on   your feet.  Are you an optimistic person?


●  Instead of thinking that you cannot break a board, tell yourself that you will if you practice.

●  Instead of thinking that you cannot pass a hard test, tell yourself that you can if you study hard enough.

●  Instead of being down and depressed because you are hurt, tell yourself that you will do everything within your power to heal faster.

●  Instead of being depressed because a trip is cancelled, think of something else fun that you can do.

●  Instead of being shy because you don’t know anybody in the room, introduce yourself to someone who looks friendly. How optimistic are you?

Rate yourself on a scale of 0-5. If you rate yourself low, try to look on the positive side this entire week and then go back and rate yourself again. Keep doing this until optimism becomes a normal habit. The benefits are worth it. Being optimistic can really change the outcome of your life. Optimism makes it easier to graduate, find a job, meet new people, stay healthy, and accomplish your goals. The minute you loose your optimism, you will notice your mood is lower. If you teach yourself to consistently remain optimistic, you will find more opportunities in life and you’ll be happier and healthier.

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