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We know it can be hard raising a teeneger and like most parents you want the best for your child, but it can be challenging to help them feel like they belong when everywhere they look they are blasted with all of life's problems. How do we give them the tools they need to grow strong and confident?

At Side Kicks Karate we got your back. We have the BEST martial arts self defense program for Teens.  Our classes will not only teach important self-defense skills BUT also  life skills and public speaking. Teens need to feel empowered and our program gives them an outlet to excel in an environment that focuses on building their confidence and to make new positive friendships.

Did we mention our classes are really fun, they will learn so many important tools that will help them to be leaders, working on  drills and activities to help boost their self esteem and to make them stronger inside and out. The teen Self Defense Program will give them an activity that gets them off the the screens and help them to be fit and active in ways you never imagined, Your will love our exciting, fast- paced and benefit driven focusing on character development that will help them grow stronger.

This is a great activity that will give your Teen the physical skills to effectively defend yourself against bullies, while giving them the confidence to make the right choice when it comes to peer pressure and negativity. 

Here are some of the LIFE SKILLS we focus on in our classes.

  • Unstoppable Self-Esteem

  • Powerful Self-Control

  • Building Self Respect

  • Self-Defense Skills

  • Improved Focus

  • Improved Self-Discipline

  • Respect For Others

  • Fit and Active

  • The "Yes I Can" Winning Attitude

Teens may not seem not to care about setting goals but they do want to feel like they are empowered. In today's world helping kids feel connected in positive social groups is very important. Sidekicks has a great environment that helps give kids just like yours the tools to stand tall and feel good about themselves.

Our classes motivate them to pursue goals on a regular basis. Each skill they learn, and each belt they earn, represents a positive emotional experience that will help them to be stronger.

Goal-setting in this way provides teens with the tools they need to set measurable goals in school, at home, and in life.

Let's face it you can't always be there to make sure they are safe! So how do we as parents make sure our kids will have the courage to make the right call?

Building respect for themselves and confidence is essential to helping make sure your teen makes the right choices in life so they don't find themselves in the wrong place. Critical thinking tools will help them make the right judgement when dealing with peer pressure for other kids, them be thier best when you are not there to guide them.

Don't Take Our Word! Here's What the Parents of our Students Say to Us all the time:

The staff at sidekicks are truly amazing. My special needs child has grown so much since he started this program. He is more confident, more excited, more self sufficient and less afraid to try new things. Their bullyproof system has been amazing for my little guy. I am so thankful to sidekicks and I am excited to continue to see my son grow and learn from them. Thank you sidekicks!!

thumb Janell Leigh
October 7, 2021

Positive: Communication ,  Professionalism ,  Quality ,  Value Everyone is great and my son absolutely loves it.

thumb Chris Coonrod
October 7, 2021

My child loves it there and looks forward to it every week.

thumb Stephanie I
October 7, 2021