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Some ways we help kids grow stronger!

Hello Parents, We want to share some ideas that will help you understand why so many kids excel at our school. Side Kicks Karate helps kids develop skills, these skills puts them on the right path to be more successful in life. As a parent I am sure you agree kids spend too much time on electronics and Martial art is a great activity that will engage your child and give them some structured learning. Here are some good reasons why our program helps kids become stronger!

  • One of the benefits of our program for kids and the most important is we are focused on helping your child beyond kicking and punching. We use martial arts as a platform to excel in life. To help them to become more confident in everything they do! We empower kids by teaching them how to recover for failure! Failing is our friend and our students learn to learn how to bounce back and not get discouraged if things don’t work out they way they want and to make adjustments and to try again!
  • We motivate our students to ALWAYS do their best! We call this the “Yes I Can” Attitude! We give our students small challenges that will help them grow and see progress. We are always there with them step by step guiding them giving them positive feedback that empowers them to feel good about themselves as they grow stronger.
  • Kids learn so many important skills beyond kicking and punching. Out students learn leadership experience. We develop this by giving kids the social skills to be able to communicate with confidence. Teaching them how to show confidence in how they speak, how they stand and how they make choices in life to be a leader.
  • Kids have to deal with bulling more than ever and at Side Kicks. We cannot shelter our kids but it would be foolish if we don’t give them the right tools to handle curtain situations that could happen. Our students grow skills that will help keep them safe if anything ever happens away from home. Not only having self defense skills how to make good choices that will keep them out of danger.

There are so many more benefits on how we help grow stronger kids Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Socially. Side Kicks is MORE than kicking and punching. We would like to invite you to join us and show you how we can help your child!

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