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So Many Wonderful Benefits for Kids In Martial Arts

Hello Parents my name is Brian Seetge I have been in martial arts since the mid 80’s and have worked with hundreds of kids over the last 20 years helping them to be stronger Physically Mentally Emotionally Socially.

I have benefited from martial arts as a child. Not only did I get physically stronger but I started to develop so many other skills that help shape my future and helped me to be the person I am today! This is our purpose at Side Kicks Karate to help empower kids with the skills and tools to help them be the best they can be!

Side Kicks Karate Helps kids develop Focus so they can be there best in life!

Children who get involved in Side Kicks receive so many benefits!

One of the Most important elements at Side Kicks, especially where children are involved is focus. Our program is designed to Help children understand that focus is not just a word but it is what helps up in everything that we do in life and focus is what helps usd do our best in what ever we are doing. Our classes keep children focused and stimulated physically and mentally help them to grow this skill that they will need as they get older. Our Program is fun and entertaining to keep kids engaged. They get stronger every class by

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Our program is structured in a way that helps kids grow focus by teaching our students the difference from just getting things done to the importance of doing your best! We do this giving students simple challenges that they can accomplish while we always give feed back that helps them see how they can improve by making adjustments and how they can be better next time. Having good focus is a crucial skills that help us reach our goals in life! S

Side Kicks is her for you and your family to help you be the best version of your self! If you like this message please like and share with your community!

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