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Raising Strong Confident Teenager

 We know it can be hard raising a teeneger and like most parents you want the best for your child, but it can be challenging to help them feel like they belong when everywhere they look they are blasted with all of life’s problems. How do we give them the tools they need to grow strong and confident?

Teens want to feel empowered, but finding the right activity to give them an outlet to excel in can be challenging for a parent. SO how do we help them with you pulling out our hair?

Teens need an activity that will not only focus on building their confidence but also to make the right social groups of positive friends.

Being on screens all the time may seem like fun but it will have long lasting negative effects on your child! Helping them to be active and to stay fit is a big step in the right direction to ensuring your teen will be healthy and strong. When a teenager is not physically active they have lower self esteem and poor performance in school. Finding the right activity that is fun and at the same time growing the right tools that will help them to be leaders,

Let’s face it you can’t always be there to make sure they are safe! Making sure they have the self defense skills to protect themselves against bullies, while giving them the confidence to make the right choice when it comes to peer pressure and negativity. 

So how do we as parents make sure our kids will have the courage to make the right call?

Building respect for themselves and confidence is essential to helping make sure your teen makes the right choices in life so they don’t find themselves in the wrong place. Critical thinking tools will help them make the right judgement when dealing with peer pressure for other kids. Our program has the answers to helping make sure your teen will be their confident best when you are not there to guide them.

Teens may not seem not to care about setting goals but they do want to feel like they are empowered. In today’s world helping kids feel connected in positive social groups is very important. Our classes create a great environment that helps give kids just like yours the tools to stand tall and feel good about themselves.

Our classes motivate them to pursue goals on a regular basis. Each skill they learn, and each belt they earn, represents a positive emotional experience that will help them to be stronger.

Goal-setting in this way provides teens with the tools they need to set measurable goals in school, at home, and in life.

Don’t worry parents, if you are reading this then you are taking a step in the right direction. Find an activity that your child likes and support them in being their best at it. We are also here for you if you need us! We wish you the best and thank you for being an amazing parent!

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