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Powerful Mind

The Martial Arts has a rich history which has been passed down for centuries from sensei to student.  On the surface, the Martial Arts appear to invoke violence; however, if one looks deeper you will see that the essence of the Martial Arts is opening your mind.  The following story, the empty cup, unlocks the key to what the Martial Arts is all about.

One day two great and wise Martial Arts masters were visited by a well-known and respected university professor. ” I have come a long way to see you both, since I have heard that you are great masters of Martial Arts, the art of empty self.  I have studied very hard for many years to understand the essence of what you teach. Can you tell me the meaning of Martial Arts, of empty self, and how it can bring peace to the world?  What is the secret of this teaching?”  The Martial Arts master was serving tea as the professor spoke.  He poured the visitor’s cup full, and still kept on pouring until the tea was running off the table onto the floor.  The professor watched the cup overflowing until she could no longer stand it.   “The cup is full, no more will go in!”  She exclaimed.  “Like the cup, he said, your mind is full of questions and seeking answers.  Until you empty your cup, no more can go in.  Likewise, until you empty your mind, you cannot receive anything.”

The true essence of Martial Arts is not learning how to react to physical attacks.  Instead, Martial Arts should be learned to open your mind.  The idea of emptying your mind can also apply to all aspects of your life.  Like the cup, you should be empty and ready to receive knowledge and wisdom each day.

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