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Our Summer Camp Give Kids The Edge They Need

Parents are you Thinking about sending your child to camp this summer? You’re not the only parent giving that idea some thought. Today, summer camps offer a variety of experiences. But what if you could find a camp where your child’s week will be filled with both educational and sports experiences? A camp that teaches positive character traits, emotional strength, and children get to participate in all kinds of physical activities. 

Side Kicks Karate Sports Summer Camp are uniquely different from the standard summer camp choices. Our camp is filled with different activities that will stimulate your child in so many different ways. Your child’s week will be filled with structured indoor and outdoor physical activities which will keep them fit and active. We have plenty of fun and educational field trips, and daily age-appropriate martial arts lessons that focus on teaching important life skills as our character development program. This will help your child to have the YES I CAN winning attitude and help their focus and become a more positive person.

At our camp this summer, your child will…

You’re thinking, “How can time at a martial arts summer camp change my child’s overall happiness level?” The combination of positive emotions, new friendships, and just plain having fun makes kids feel happier at and after camp. When we’re seeing more kids suffer from depression and anxiety, Side Kicks is a place where kids can go that serves as a positive environment for overall happiness. Our program builds important self Esteem inside your child. This will give them the boost they need to overcome bullying and peer pressure.

Being at martial arts camp, surrounded by the right group of friends of similar ages and backgrounds, the kids are all trying something new and unique. They’ll learn character traits that will make them better people and this will carry on into their teen age years.


The SideKicks staff challenges every child to do things they’ve never done before, to challenge themselves. We want every kid to be the best version of themselves.  Experiencing mistakes and failures, and reaching for goals are all experiences that help campers develop their grit. By trying and accomplishing new skills, kids develop confidence in their own abilities. Each success leads to more confidence.

One of the best things that happens at camp is that kids get exposed to a different kind of role model than what they see in the media. Our instructors are an outstanding bunch of young adults. Most are stellar students with outstanding leadership skills. They love working with kids, and are the kind of people we want our kids to emulate.

Weekly camps begin June 6th. Children can attend for as little as $99 per week. More information about our camps is on our website @ https://sidekickswellness.com/summer-camp-program/ or you can call (315) 339-3928 ask for Nicole. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help get your child started on their best summer ever!

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