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Is Your Child Shy?

Many children today tend to be by shy and introvert. If your kid shows signs of this behavior, you do not need to be too worried, a little understanding and acceptance are all it needs to handle the situation tactfully and to help your child build confidence.

▪️Here at Side Kicks we have some tools we give our parents to help them to build their children. Here are some simple tips and for helping kids overcome shyness easily▪️

It is important to understand that shyness is a personality trait and not anyone’s fault. The good part is that your child might tend to get over it with time. It you can always help your shy child develop self confidence and build the winning attitude.

Here are some simple things you can do at home to help guide your child to improving their “YES I CAN” Attitude.

1 Empathize with them:
Avoid demonstrating judgmental behavior as this will be counter productive. Take the time to Understand how they feel so you can give positive feed back and remind them that our know they are capable of doing great things. Supporting them so they having someone to lean on will help them to try new things if they know they have you as support system.

2 Help Them Discover Their Strengths:
Every kid gravitates towards a particular activity that he or she is interested in or comfortable with. Find out what your kid enjoys and encourage them towards it.

3 Talk with them:
A little pre-framing maybe is all that it takes. Make sure your child understands that you love them and it is ok to be shy and if they fail at something. We want our children to do their best.

4 Encourage them to try:
One of the best ways to help your kid open up and speak their mind. Let them know they are important and help them to understand or to encourage them to try new things or interact with new friends.

5 Don’t Label Them:
Probably the worst mistake while dealing with your child is to label him in any manner. Public or private ridicule will always make thing worse. Never be negative towards the child in public settings. Labeling your kid as ‘shy’ will make them lose confidence in themselves. To help your child over come this behavior motivation and redirection is always the best choice action.

Empowering your child to believe in themselves and to help them develop the “Yes I Can” Attitude long term will help them to be the best version of themselves.

If you are interested in finding out more on how we help kids build unshakable confidence you can contact us or try our program free with our trial offer @

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