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How to help kids overcome setbacks

We have an amazing martial arts student and a talented bowler at our school that learned a very important lesson from his mother. Mr Braylon was going through some difficulties bowling and his mother was trying to help him work through his challenges when it comes to bowling some bad games. He was getting down on himself and did not want to go to bowl and she quickly saw it was affecting him! She keep motivating him as she said “even though he didn’t want to go I told him he had to because it is a team sport and he is part of the team” His mother told him “getting upset throwing attitude will affect all your games not just that the last one and will continue to miss till your attitude changes.

When parents take the time to show that they are there for them and encourage their best takes away some of the pressure they feel and help s open up that winning attitude! Giving them support and reminding them of a time when they had successes. Support their emotional confidence and give them the bigger picture they need to overcome obstacles in life!

Letting your child “quit” doesn’t seem that bad of a option but taking the time to diving deeper and helping to understand the issue and giving them to support they need to break through their difficulties is a much better way to help them long term and not allowing them to see that giving up is the way to handle adversity!

Kids sometimes say they want to stop not because they don’t want to do it anymore, it may be because they need help and it is up to us as parents to realize this and to give them the emotional tools to be their best in life! This mother is a ROCK STAR and I hope Braylon knows how lucky he is to have such a great role model in his life.

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