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How to build a child’s inner self

We get an opportunity to meet a lot of parents and they all say the same thing. They would like their child to be more confident BUT how? There is no magic button to help your child feel stronger. So what can a parent do to bolster their self esteem? 

First we need to make sure we encourage them and be present in what is important to them .. This will ensure we are not doing any harm that could make them feel inadequate or incomplete. 

Every child is different but they all have one thing in common they feel. So as a parent it is important to show them that you are there to support them in the good times and also in the bad ones. You don’t always need to know what to say, you just need to be there and connect with them. When this happens this will give you the opportunity to remind them of how proud you are of them win or lose pass or fail you have their back no matter what. Showing them you will never give up might be the support they need to have the courage to keep trying. 

Helping them learn and grow from their experiences, nothing is perfect but practice makes progress. Giving them that positive reinforcement might be just what they need to hear to overcome what obstacle they are dealing with! 

Let them fail, encourage them to set goals and to live their dreams but let them learn from their life experiences. Just be there  when they need support.

Focus on the wins and help them to see what makes them special. “Remember that time Johnny when you hit that home run”! It wasn’t easy but you were able to do it then and this is no different. I believe you can do it again. 

Children are looking for someone to model. Let them know that you’re not perfect but you always do your best. Let them understand that mistakes are good and everyone makes them. This is a part of life and how we grow stronger . If they see how you deal with life’s many challenges in a positive way this will give them the structure to deal with obstacles in their life as well. Making adjustments is how we learn so we can be better next time!

Being a parent is not easy and you don’t have to be perfect or know what to say all the time. Just be present and encourage and be the biggest bright light you can to cheer on your child. Over time you will see that this will help them to be a stronger, more confident person.

 At Sidekicks we use martial arts as a vehicle to help kids grow as leaders. A full Personal Development Center that helps kids build the YES I CAN Attitude. We provide structure and support to help them grow into the best version of themselves.   

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