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Helping Kids To Manage Life, with the “YES I Can” Attitude!

We can all agree kids today have a lot on their plate. Why do some kids struggle to manage school, sports, activities and all their responsibilities at home? We would like to share a story of a remarkable young man (Blake). He is a Honor roll student in 7th grade and is involved in many different activities such as martial arts and is the youngest athlete on the RFA Varsity Bowling Team.

To be able to juggle all these responsibilities and to excel in school is an amazing feat. How does he do it? Well It starts at home, Blake has two wonderful parents that support him and are great role models for him to follow but I think the biggest reason is Black has an amazing attitude as his mom said “He gets up early everyday for school and gets ready without us having to tell him to(sometimes there needs to be wake up calls). He is ready to walk out the door for school on time. There are days where he has school, bowling, school homework and karate which he juggles very well and doesn’t complain.”

We call this the YES I CAN attitude. I have seen with my own eyes in martial arts class how he is able to pick himself up after a setback or how he can continue to stay focused on being his best even if things are not going exactly to plan.

Creating an environment for a young person to feel like they can’t fail, because they have a support system that reinforces strong personal development, accountability, and the heart and belief that they can do anything they put their mind to!

This is why Blake can handle all these responsibilities at such a high level and still be an honor roll student Because he is such a great role model for his peers around him to follow, and he can thank his family for creating the foundation for him to be his best! 

We are so proud of you Blake and continue to have that Black Belt Attitude in everything you do in life!

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