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Growing Your Child Into a Overachiever

Parents, Let’s talk about the #1 ONE SKILL your child MUST Develop to ensure your child is a leader and has Success in life.

Helping kids develop their YES I CAN attitude! Growing their inner positive self talk so they have the confidence to help them to have the strength to set out of their comfort zone and to build their internal self.

Growing your Child’s Ability to be a positive person and a natural achiever.

Our process is helping average children and Building their confidence and helping them feel like  SuperHero.  

When a child has consistent achievements, they build powerful self-esteem, which encourages him or her to use their internal and external motivation.

Repeating after trainer. Boys and girls repeating after trainer while studying aikido movements together

 As a parent it is important to recognize when your child has a win and shine a big bright light on them to help push their confidence in the right direction.. Sometimes a child does not see every small triumph. By acknowledging their wins will help give them the support or foundation to build more personal self esteem.

Being able to harmonize both these motivational methods, the child develops the ability to be a natural overachiever.

The Sidekicks Karate learning experience is designed with these elements in mind.

~ Life skill Stripe Challenge

~ In Class Recognition

~ Learn a new technique or breaking a board and be rewarded

~ At home Parent Praise

~ The Car ride home talk filled with praise

~ Stripe Testing 

~ Belt Testing

~ Belt Graduation

When a parent hears their child say, “Look mommy, I can do it”,

“Look at me dad”, or my favorite “I’m getting really good at this”.

Sit back and smile knowing that your Child’s Self Esteem just received

another Personal Vote of Confidence from themselves. 

It’s Another block in their wall of Self Esteem. Giving them a shield of confidence to help them to grow stronger, being able to live in this world protecting them from harm.

Sidekicks is excited to work with Parents and help their children Become Strong and Confident for life.

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