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Giving Your Best Effort

Compassion means caring about the needs of others. Just feeling sorry for someone else is only part of compassion. Having compassion means that you are also willing to help others by taking action. True Martial Artists are compassionate and will put others’ needs before their own interests.
Are you a compassionate person?


Let’s review the following questions to find out if you are:

1. Do you donate your money when others need it?

2. Do you donate your time when others need it?

3. Do you talk to others when they are lonely?

4. Do you stand up for others who cannot stand up for themselves?

5. Do you give up your chair to someone standing when there are none left?

6. Do you put others’ feelings before your own?

7. Do you let others go before you when waiting in line?

8. Do you go the extra mile for others even when you are not expected to?

9. Would you save someone if he or she was in danger?
If you answered yes to these questions, then you are a compassionate person. Compassionate people go the extra mile even when not expected to do so. People who show generosity through kind gestures when no one is looking are extremely compassionate. The best part about being a compassionate person is the feeling that one experiences as a result of the unselfish actions.
There are many ways that you can be compassionate that are fun. You can bake cookies for a sick friend. You can draw a picture for an elderly person to brighten his or her day. Another fun way to show compassion is to invite a new person at your school or work to your home for a social gathering. There are endless possibilities of ways to show compassion.
Keep in mind you do not need to have a lot of money or to donate a lot of time in order to show your compassion. Simply sharing a smile with someone else and avoiding negative conversations about others when they are not around are ways to show that you care about others’ feelings. If you want others to have compassion towards you, the best place to start is by showing compassion for others. If everyone would show more compassion each day then this world would be an even better place in which to live.

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