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EVOLUTION of the Pyramids

When many of you were in grade school, you were taught about the “Four Food Groups.” You were lucky if you came away from that “unit” with the concept of the importance of eating a balanced diet, and the basic knowledge of what a balanced diet actually was.
Then came the “Food Pyramid” that graphically represented the concept of a balanced diet: how to proportion different food groups, the further breakdown of the basic four food groups, and the conceptualization that there are foods that should be used very sparingly.
This year, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) published an all-new food pyramid. The new pyramid encompasses even more concepts that are key to overall health.
First is the slogan itself: “Steps to a Healthier You.” The slogan emphasizes that following the food pyramid is all about making gradual improvements to your overall lifestyle, steps in a lifelong process.
Then there is the depiction of a person climbing the pyramid. This represents the huge importance of physical activity in any healthy lifestyle. The same way you need to eat healthful foods each day to fuel your body, you need to exercise each day to condition your body in order to practice a healthy lifestyle. As a martial artist, you already incorporate this key element into your life in a fun and exciting way. This will help you to maintain your activity level throughout your life, as is one of the pyramid’s goals.
The new pyramid is segmented vertically, with the wedges going from broad at the bottom to narrow at the top. The wide part of each wedge represents the foods in the group that are more healthful, such as whole foods, while the foods at the top are those with the most added sugars and solid fats that should be eaten sparingly. In addition, the person climbing the pyramid represents the fact that those who exercise more have more room in their diet for the “peak of the pyramid” foods.
For more information, visit the official website, MyPyramid.gov. Online, you can receive specific recommendations for yourself and your family, such as your own food plans, as well as general tips, articles, and resources. The website has great information for families on the go and for martial artists of all ages.

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