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Enhance YOUR Self-Esteem

self esteem or respect confidence and pride psychology

self esteem or respect confidence and pride psychology

The way we feel about ourselves has a huge effect on the way we treat ourselves and others, and on the kinds of choices we make. If we are not confident about our own abilities then we tend to not take chances, which mean we limit our success. At the same time, if we are not satisfied with who we are then we often assume we will not be satisfied with others, and that means we do not treat them fairly. To make life even more challenging, when we do not have self esteem we often choose the paths that are easiest, and that can lead to breaking rules to get what we want.
It makes sense to seek out ways to enhance our self esteem in order to ensure that we are the best that we can be, and that we treat others well.. As martial artists, we must avoid “giving in” and allowing ourselves to take a lesser path. Martial artists look at high self esteem as a duty, a call to action that is necessary to carry on at a higher level. Martial artists consistently strive to accomplish this task, and persevere when situations become challenging.

Here are ways that you can enhance your  self-esteem in the true Martial Arts tradition

  • Develop your talents. Seek out activities that you are good at and then strive to excel in those activities.
  • Be your own best friend. Treat yourself well mentally, physically & emotionally, & act in ways that are good for you.
  • Make good choices for yourself; don’t let others make choices for you.
  • Take responsibility for yourself, your choices, and your actions.
  • Always do what you know is right. Don’t even consider cheating, lying, or stealing.
  • Set goals and work to achieve them. Your goals are your road; without that map, you will get lost.
  • Treat others with respect. Avoid greed, anger, & jealousy. Practice forgiveness, even if the other person is in the wrong.

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