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Do You Have Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline means that you have the internal strength to control your feelings, behavior, and impulses. People with self-discipline constantly remind themselves to think positively and to control all actions while avoiding negativity. By practicing self-discipline you can achieve long-term goals without being distracted by what could go wrong in the process.

Self-discipline also means that you are dependable. People can count on those who have selfdiscipline because they have the power to keep their promises and the power to do what is right. These characteristics are essential in the Martial Arts and are key habits that true Black Belts practice all of the time.

Here are some basic tips to help you build self discipline:
1. PRACTICE HAVING A “CAN DO” ATTITUDE. When something gets tough, don’t let negativity slow you down. Focus on accomplishing your goals and overcoming your obstacles.
2. ALWAYS BE ON TIME. People with self discipline understand that being late is a bad habit that shows disrespect to all who are affected by your tardiness.
3. FOLLOW THROUGH ON YOUR PROMISES AND COMMITMENTS. By keeping your promises and following through on your commitments you begin to earn the trust of others.
4. BE HONEST WITH OTHERS. Honesty is always the best policy despite the fact that you may get in trouble. If you are not honest, the repercussions down the road will often be more damaging than if you had been honest in the first place.
5. CONSISTENTLY SET NEW GOALS to accomplish. People with self-discipline always strive to achieve new levels of accomplishments. This means more success and a brighter future.
Self-discipline is essentially the heartbeat of your lifestyle. Without it being strong, you limit what you can do in life. With your regular heartbeat, if your heart is strong, then you have the stamina to accomplish much throughout the day. The same for self-discipline: only when it is strong do you maximize your possibilities.
You can also look at how self-discipline plays a key role in the Martial Arts. It takes a lot of self discipline to arrive at class on time, persevere through physical challenges, and overcome roadblocks, such as learning a new forms or sparring for the very first time. If you have self-discipline in the Martial Arts then you can make it to black belt and beyond!

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