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Martial Arts is a lot like life in general. To succeed, you need to manage your surroundings as well as wear really cool outfits. You need a calm mind and the physical and mental skills to deal with the stress around you. “People confuse problems with stress,” says Philip Holder, chief instructor and Grand Master…

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Sorting Through the Bars

Power bars, snack bars, energy bars, protein bars, carb bars, breakfast bars, fruit bars, soy bars, all-natural bars, vitamin bars, fiber bars, meal replacement bars…the list goes on and on and on. Which one is right for you, if any? The first question to ask yourself is what need are you trying to fill? Do…

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EVOLUTION of the Pyramids

When many of you were in grade school, you were taught about the “Four Food Groups.” You were lucky if you came away from that “unit” with the concept of the importance of eating a balanced diet, and the basic knowledge of what a balanced diet actually was. Then came the “Food Pyramid” that graphically…

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A diversifying for “Super Foods” can be found everywhere. Numerous companies, not to mention friends and family, tell you to eat this food or that, promising improved health or more. But do you really need to drink only “antioxidant-rich” grape juice or make tofu your primary protein? The current age of “Super Foods” has the…

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