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Bullying in today’s School “part 1”

My Story

When I was younger, I was picked on for a few things mostly because I had a disability,” says Brian Seetge, a child development expert in Rome, NY. “I used to go to physical therapist in elementary school who would come and pull me out of class to work on balance and coordination exercises I was born with (cerebral palsy). That was a very humiliating and I felt alone inside because I was looked at as a ‘special kid.’ I was being picked on and bullied just because I was different from the other kids.” My physical therapist told my parents that they should enroll me into martial arts to help with my disability, and that is when my life changed forever! After a few short months I no longer needed the therapy sessions and Plus, I was becoming more confident and stronger inside too.” I gain self-respect for my-self and the kids in school started to take a notice in my new found confidence and when I started to  feel different about who I was, everyone else did too!

A lot of people think that Bullying really isn’t that big of a problem.

Bullying has become a hot topic across the United States, as schools put into place policies and rules against bullying, in light of several very high profile bullying cases that resulted in tragedy. Now, local governments, school systems, and local organizations are working to prevent bullying, especially in schools. I feel that more children and adults should be educated on how to deal with bullies and the effects of being bullied so they can provide more help to those in need.

I get asked all the time Is it really possible for a community to eliminate bullying?

Unfortunately the Answer is NO, bullying has been going on since the beginning of time and we can not control someones thoughts or actions. The only thing we can do as a community or a person is to educate our selves on how we deal with bullies and to understand how to protect our selves if we need too…

How can a school teacher who has limited power to do things in his or her class still be able to fight bullying?

be a great teacher and care about your students. If your students know that you care for them they will come to you more for advice and guidance second be more observant during school hours, Because bullying is a covert activity, adults seldom see it occurring.  Keeping a better eye during school hours will help limit opportunities  for students to be bullied.  Also All fragments (segments) of the school community must work collectively “together” to address the problem of bullying. This means that teachers, administrators, parents, and students need to cooperate as they assess the scope of the bullying problem in their school and come up with ways to respond to it effectively. While every school will adopt a different approach to bully prevention that meets its unique needs, it needs to be enforced as well….

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