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Bullying in today’s School “part 2”

What are some things that actually don’t work and how can they affect kids?

What does not work is ignoring the problem it is not going away! We see so many adults look the other way and push the problem to someone else. I feel that bullying is not a school problem or a state problem or even a national problem it is a problem that has affected our whole world due to the lack of RESPECT we have for others and more important the RESPECT we have for “Our Self”…. If we truly want to change things for the better we need to start here. the violence and other horrific things our young children are exposed to at a young age is depressing. We need BETTER role models for our youth these movie/sports stars  and entertainers our kids see on TV provide the wrong image for our kids… I did not look up to a Emmit Smith when I was a kid, I looked up to my DAD he was my hero growing up, so us as parents need to inspire our kids and to motivate them to follow their dreams and to TEACH them. That is how we can change things for the better.

Can you give an example of how you kids can still express themselves and still not be a bully?

First we need to talk about four skills that that will help a child to become bully Proof.

  • A child needs to be more aware of what is going on around them by using there senses. When you walk into a room or down the hall way in school you need to scan the area for potential danger (bullies). This way you can spot them before they see you. This way you can stay away from them.
  • Children need to not take what the bully says literally (to heart) all children are masters at NOT LISTENING to their parents so why do we pay attention to what the bully says to us? A bully calls us names to try and hurt our feeling inside and make us feel alone. The only way a bully’s words will hurt you is if you start believe them to be the truth. We need to stop listen to everyone who tells us we are not good at something and start to listen to the ONE person who thinks we can OUR SLEVES….
  • Find something that you are amazing at not good not great “AMAZING” for me it was martial arts for others it could be soccer or baseball, for me it was martial arts. Building confidence does not happen over night and it takes time to learn self respect, We are all different on the out side but it is who we are on the inside that counts and when you finally understand it bullies will treat you different not because you are a stronger person inside… Inside   Learning the power of SELF-RESPECT is a important life skill… if you do not have respect for your self why should others respect you? This is the best way to  express themselves when your feel unset inside…
  • Last is to find your team… A friend that you can trust a friend that has your back a friend that will stick up for you and you for them… A bully looks for people that a alone to pick on someone who isn’t strong enough to stand up for themselves that is why a team is important, so you can lean on and have  each others backs……… the second part of your team is your teachers if you have a problem  they need to know about it.. they are there to help let them…. AND last is your family your family YOUR FAMILY!!!! we need more communication at home and that doesn’t mean texting we need to site down more and talk as a family about what is happening in our day to day lives… Family is a huge deal in our home and we do everything together.

I hope this helps family’s to understand the issues and to give some tools to help stop bulling in our community.. We are here to help and to be a resource for the children and parents that need help!


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