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Building friendships & Social Skills

Talk to any parent that has put their child into a summer camp that is structured and Educational and you’ll likely hear how some of their most meaningful friendships and life lessons came out of on how to get along with others came from camp. That’s because camp provides the perfect environment for children to take social risks.

It may seem scary at first to enter a whole new social world at camp. However, camp offers a crash course on meeting new people — helping children build social skills, explore their independence and improve their self-esteem.

Our camp is focused on boosting their self-esteem and developing the YES I CAN attitude. Helping kids to grow stronger inside and out.

The right camp cultivates children’s social skills and helps them to learn how to work, play, relate, get along, empathize and connect with others. Our Coaches/Councilors are Great at helping kids be the best versions of themselves. We are a full Counseling and Wellness Facility! Helping Kids to grow stronger by: Expanding the Mind Strengthening the Body and Elevating their Heart, to be able to build strong social skills that shows the world around them that they are confident and strong!

One of the major benefits of our camp is the social skills that develop, especially around interacting with other people in a positive way. “The camping experience really develops emotional intelligence in children by helping them communicate in a way that helps them to communicate confidence and leadership!

Kids Sports Summer Camp 2021

Perhaps it is not surprising, that summer camp is great for social development and leadership building– that many children form life-long friendships and networks with their fellow campers, having the right kind of role models that kids are learning from is essential to helping kids grow into confident strong adults. Life Lessons that last a life time. We are ready to have an amazing summer that is fun and engaging helping your child grow and build important life skills

To find out more about our Kids Sports Summer  Camp go to or CALL/TEXT Nicole @ (315) 339-3928

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