BREATHING EXERCISE | Side Kicks Family Karate


Once you have learned to control your breathing you need an exercise that can use at the moment you face a threat. In the martial arts we call this, “Setting our tandem.” It is a simple exercise. Let’s assume you are on the street and you begin to experience the symptoms that let you know you could loose control. Remember what they were? Increased heart rate, rapid breathing, abnormal sweating and uncontrollable muscle tremors. At that moment, take a deep breath in through your nose, just like you have been trained to do. You breathe deep down into you belly, and fill from the bottom up. Control this breath and inhale slowly. When you have completed inhaling and full of air, contract your diaphragm and push downward. Your tandem is the point about two inches below your belly button. Push down into that area, and then exhale slowly, through your mouth. If you have time, do this three times. If you don’t have time, just do it once. After you have set yourself, continue to breath in a slow, even manner. In through the nose, out through the mouth. You will have regained control of your respiration cycle, slowed your heart down, and kept yourself in your optimum performance zone. You will be ready to efficiently act, with self-discipline and self-control.


These breathing exercises are a very important part of training. If you practice these techniques the rewards will be great. Practice these exercises along with your physical skills. Don’t rush yourself, take your time. Improvement will come with practice. When you have accomplished this you will learn what true freedom is all about. It is freedom from fear.

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