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A Great Story About Overcoming Adversity!

This is a great story I would like to share about a student at our Martial Arts Center. At our school we run on two month cycles and at the end of the cycle we have a Belt Exam for our students to show what they have learned and how they have grown over their time. Well a few months back we had a member “Braylon” test for their brown belt and at that level there was a run requirement that every student at that belt level has to complete well he had a setback and did not pass.

I could tell right away he was frustrated and discouraged. Braylon put in a tremendous amount of effort but that day things didn’t go as planned. At that moment there were some decisions to be made.

For one Braylon could have just given up and said I had enough and quit or two he could pick himself up and put in some extra work and train harder for the next cycle and try again! Well that is what he decided to do. So fast forward two month later it is testing time again and Braylon has to run, I could tell this time there was a different attitude with him. He looked more determined and focused on completing the goal.

Well Braylon finished his run in record time he didn’t loof defeated he was proud and his confidence grew leaps and bounds that day “a stronger young man”. I told Braylon that this run requirement is to help show you what you are capable of achieving in life! Overcoming obstacles and seeing your potential is a great life lesson! That day Braylon grew into a stronger, more confident person with more self esteem. This life lesson is more important than any kick or punch we could ever teach in our academy!

Braylon earned his brown belt BUT more importantly he gained confidence in himself and strengthened his YES I CAN attitude that will carry with him the rest of his life and knowing that we had a little part in helping him to be his BEST everything he does in the future! I am so PROUD of Braylon and how he SHOWED his grit and determination to reach his (Goals) Brown Belt.

Failure is not the end, it is the beginning and helping kids learn is one of the most powerful lessons we can teach at our school. We all have setbacks in life, it is what we do after that setback and the decisions we make that define our character and help us to learn and grow to be our Best!