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3 -Ways to Grow In 2023

It is that time again, before you know it 2022 will be over and the New Year will be knocking at your door! That means New Goals, New Dreams.  What goals are you setting for yourself?  In order to achieve in 2023 there are a few critical things you need in place to hit your goals and to reach your milestones.

Knowing your why.

This step is always overlooked and one of the main reasons why people fail to reach any success. if you do not clarify your why and what makes it important you will never have the conviction to achieve it.

Have a game plan.

To set yourself up for success your plan must have all the required steps so the target you want can become a reality.. Have a step by step plan to make sure you stay on track and move in the right direction. Don’t worry if something goes wrong, just make some adjustments and keep moving. There will be bumps in the road and your reason why will help you to stay focused to figure out how to overcome those obstacles so you can continue to grow.

Stay Focused, Stay Motivated.

To make this year different from years in the past, where you may have fallen short from hitting your mark, your ability to stay driven to finish what you started is all you need. If your reason why is powerful enough it will propel you to win the race!  
Make it fun and think of it as a game. Keeping all that in mind here are 3 areas that everyone could benefit from growing stronger in for the upcoming new year!

1. Strengthen Relationships Around You. 

Having the right kind of influences and mentors can have a really big effect on your life and how much you grow in 2023. Take a close look at your social group and make sure you surround yourself with the right kind of people. Stay away from outside noise and drama from other people, this will really make it hard for you to reach anything if you are distracted and use all your positive energy to combat their negativity.

Mending bridges is another big way to help you grow. Being able to shed the heavy weight of patching some broken relationships can be all you need to start to build some positive energy to become more successful

2. Improve in a New Area.

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you step out of your comfort zone and learn and grow a new skill. Find something that interests you and go get it. Every year I try to add a new “tool” skill to the ever growing tool box. When you are able to develop a new ability it will strengthen your self esteem and become a better leader and this will in the long run make it easier to be a more confident person. That way you never fail again on your goals.

3. Implement a Personal Wellness Strategy

 This is one of the biggest areas people fall short. And I don’t know why. It is the easiest to do. Just take a small portion of your money and put it away and don’t touch it! I can talk about this forever but having the discipline and consistency to take what you can afford to save and just move it to a different account where you don’t spend it! Implementing this habit will create a powerful wealth machine you will be able to benefit from forever.

It boils down to personal development and implementing these concepts into your life so you can be your best and grow stronger and stronger.  

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