2017 Best of the Best | Side Kicks Family Karate

2017 Best of the Best

7-26-20017 was a very special night. Me and my amazing wife were selected as one of the top

three martial arts schools in our area from a local news paper the Utica OD. We were in shock and honored to be in this position. We talked long and hard about going to the even but I was reluctant because we would have to close the school for a night and our students are everything to us. BUT a few of our students told us to because this is a great opportunity to meet new people and share our martial arts school with other people and as one parent said “you NEVER take any time for your selves” LOL I laugh because she is right, our school and our members means everything to us. That is why we work so hard to serve our family’s at our School.

I just want to thank EVERYONE who voted for us and to congratulate all the other nominees that where selected there where no losers last night. The even was incredible and it helped show case the power of our local community and the wonderful business in the Mohawk Valley. Again on behave of my wife Nicole we as so honored and humbled by this THANK YOU!!!!


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